Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cambodia - Angkor Wat - Life is Simple

Continued from the previous post. 
Can't help but to share more pics.

Walking around in Angkor Wat for 2 days +  an evening. 
For me, if there's nobody to guide you through and tell stories about each and every 'stone' built on that heritage... it's kinda boring to just look at it.
but of course for avid photographer or avid 'model', you can have enough time and space to find whatever angle you like, posing whatever style you want.
So more or less my time spent in angkor wat is shoot shoot shoot.

But rather than the heritage, i was more likely attracted to the people around. 

Other than tourists, I noticed a great numbers of  the locals who flock to these tourism spot, to have their family/friends gathering on the lawn, having picnic, overseeing the preserved heritage which made them proud.

They don't go to cinema, i doubt there's one in Siem Reap. They don't have big shopping mall, there is one mall, but the prices of goods are so expensive only the foreigners can afford. 

All they do, is being close with the nature. close with god. close with whom they love. 
The simplest Life & the easiest Happiness.

so stop looking at your smartphone, or your PC or Facebook. 
Start going out and have some fun with your loves one. Face to Face.

Photographed with : Canon 550D 18-135mm + Sigma 10-20mm + 50mm F1.8

Cambodia - Siem Reap ~ Where i find total Tranquility ~

It was a memorable Trip. 
To my travel partner : glad to have you with me
For all the places i've gone to, i came to realised that i've been doing a lot of research on this place, having a tight schedule on paper, but end up finishing my designed destinations much earlier than planned.
In normal case, for an avid a.k.a kiasu traveller like me, i will get all tensed up if i have nowhere else to go for sightseeing! then i will start pestering my mate , ''am i missing out something? oh no ! i must go sumwhere, i must see more thing!''

But for this place in Cambodia, i'm not sure is it the atmosphere or the travel mate or that i am OLD already  and not as avid as before... >.< 
 i was feeling totally relax~ 
So... it leads to a lot of drinking and chilling. 

Beer is CHEAP. 

Slowing down my footsteps, enable me to enjoy every moment of it with my heart in and out.
and this time around, i've got a lot of shots which i myself overwhelmed with.

All i can say, to travel and get the best out of it, you must have

A Right Mood
A Proper Mindset
A Same-Channel Travelmate  
Cheap Beer 

(i seriously dunno since when i became kaki botol~)

Pictures time, a lot this time, please be patient for 'em to load

 There's some special thing done on this trip too which make the whole trip so worthwhile & full of loves.
It's the orphans.
 There were many in Cambodia, people are poor, so they can't afford having many children, a lot of them raised in the orphanage, and we brought over some stationeries and neccesities for one of the orphanage... though these small amount of things couldn't cover much of their expenses... 
They make a living for themselves by learning all kinds of skills.
I bought sum of those crafted artwork from the kids and they were happy when their work is chosen. 
The Smiles are Priceless.

Love is felt when you Give.

Photographed with Canon 550D 18-135mm + Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 + 50mm F1.8

(to be cont .... )

BANGKOK - Hello Stranger ~

Have you watched the movie 'Hello Stranger' lately? 
If yes, then you know how i feel about this city here.
It is a total strange place to me, with it's language/culture/food/ (of course we get a lot Thai food back in Malaysia but yah, it's still diffirent.....) 

YET, i felt welcomed and home'd ~!

Love the FOOD, Love the MASSAGE, Love the SHOPPING, Love my companion my SISTA~!

Bangkok, i will come back again..... <3